Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pesticides and Covert Druggings, induced psychosis

Below is a summary of important factors involved in

terror stalking/gang stalking

Covert drugging, covert pesticide use against targets of covert harassment. Is it possible?

Personal account by minigh dimol k

Main points:

Co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, law enforcement.

Perpetratorss may show a bogus “investigation” file or flash fake badges in the community as part of the scam. Perps might hire local lawyers and private

The goal is to create poison and drug induced psychotic episodes, paranoia covert poisoning using more or less common neruo-interrupters (organic phosphate pesticides), psychotomimetic agents (drugs) and irritants.

Topically spray or squirt these chemicals on or around the target or in their food or drink.

Some people in the community are tricked or coned into participating.

Those close to the target that resist are threatened and poisoned using these same methods until they obey.

Anywhere the target is or goes the perpetrators will work together, using surveillance, advanced communications, stealth and simple diversionary tactics to draw the target into position.... ......... ........

The perpetrators have their own websites and “shills” to spread mis-information and dis-information on the internet

Poisons are attributed to the bogus “secret weapons“.

They can also use wire tap tech. to create false recorded conversations to turn people you know or others against you.

I have gathered information that indicates that live video of targets in their homes or while being stalked might be “entertainment content for an internet website or sites run by the perps.Your pictures and “perp. created profile” are possibly on a website for all “perp-ville” to view.

Manufactured fictitious information disseminated to all who have the perpetrators web address or it could be passed out in “hard copy”.perpetrators can use computer software to digitally edit your call on the fly.

They try to illicit angry responses from victims through constant harassing phone calls or even harassing in public

The reason they are getting away with it is because this large group of criminals literally “hijack” the community using the methods described above.

It took stalking of well known celebrities and a death before anyone started taking effective action against stalking.

Many people know this[gang stalking] is very real and I know it is being investigated

above is annonymous post taken from:

Stop Covert Harassment Stop Covert Chemicals used on others.



information regarding multi/cause/terror/gang stalking

general/personal accounts

Full account of persoanl experience with covert druggings, fumigations, chemical assaults, all to generate an inducement of psychosis in a person, go to :

m.dimol_ k

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